Staying ahead of the game

To be effective in your job and to evolve in your career it is extremely important to remain relevant.

There are many ways to help achieve this, including:

  • Online webinars
  • Listening to the latest podcasts
  • Gathering intelligence and insights
  • Attending conferences and networking events
  • Completing training courses

What is the right type of training for me?

It is vital to choose the correct level of training for you to meet both your current job role and your preferred overall career direction.

At RegLearn we are continually looking to produce new training to assist our clients, whether they are provided directly through us or with selected partners.

If you would like to discuss your training needs with one of our experienced team members we are happy to help guide you.

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Recent RegLearn training

Intelligence and Insights

  • Sponsored Webinar: Mitigating Risks Through Automation

    This webinar, via TOPRA, and sponsored by Hoodin gave us the opportunity to talk about the process of automating external digital content monitoring and explain why this is so important in helping to mitigate against regulatory risks when developing and implementing regulatory strategy, whilst also enabling you to massively reduce time spent on content monitoring via more traditional manual searches.
    More information and a copy of the slides can be found here at Hoodin’s dedicated page.

  • How to Use Intelligence to Win the cGMP Race

    This webinar, via Qualistery, and sponsored by Hoodin, provided the attendees with a good understanding and guidance on creating a systematic intelligence and research process into the ever-changing current Good Manufacturing Practices, with as little cost and effort as possible. They were able to learn about various tools to do that- from the most simple and quick solutions to advanced strategies.

Additional sources for training and events

We strive to continually provide useful training of our own, however it is simply not possible to cover everything.

Our sister company, RegIndex has a dedicated section providing an up-to-date list of upcoming training and events by various providers within the regulatory affairs landscape.

We cannot vouch for quality or relevance of these for you but they are a useful resource for you to search for your next training. We are of course happy for you to discuss any training or events you find with us to see how relevant they might be for your particular job and career. Just click the button below to schedule a call.